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Security Resources
A Strategic Partnership

Why Consider i-confidential as Your Resourcing Partner?

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We supply quality candidates with the right skills, experience, and industry knowledge.

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We will take the time to understand your organisation’s culture, values, and goals.

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We are dedicated to responding quickly, effectively, and within budget.

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We can add value by providing security market knowledge and technical advice.


We understand the importance of building trust with a partner who will help you place the right people into some of the most sensitive and critical areas of your organisation.

A Full Service to Help You Succeed

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Outcome Based

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Since 2008, i-confidential has helped a variety of organisations address their resource challenges within cyber security and risk. Our client base includes some of the most renowned companies in the UK.

We provide customised solutions, whether it's through contract, permanent placement, or fixed price and outcome-based services.

Dedicated to nurturing future talent within the community, we advocate for diversity and inclusion, guaranteeing the best-suited candidates are matched with available roles.

Above all, we believe effective resourcing is a partnership with the client.


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