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Security Health Check
Helping You Make the Right Decisions to Reduce Risk

A 2023 UK government report states just 29% of all businesses conducted a security assessment during the previous year.

Question: Why do so few organisations take the time to conduct an assessment?


Answer: It’s hard! Assessments require specific skills and experience to be successful.

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And while assessments typically uncover some challenges:

  • Fewer controls in place than people thought.

  • Risks are not presented in a business context.

  • Some risks have never been articulated.

  • Investment needed to fix gaps is poorly understood.

Assessments also present opportunities. Now you can:


  • Define and track risk reduction from a clear position.

  • Prioritise activity to address highest-risk areas first.

  • Develop a security improvement plan.

  • Provide a business case for security investment.

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Gain Valuable Insights
 Move Forward with Confidence

The Foundation for Improvement 

Understanding your security position is always valuable. 


Knowing you have problems is essential to solving them, but then you need a plan to achieve positive business outcomes.  


If you don’t know what to fix first and how, you will struggle to improve and maximise value. 


Our approach is designed to help you address this challenge:

  • Our Security Health Check will reveal where your organisation is today. 

  • It is also a platform to leverage our Security Improvement options if you need support to define and deliver your plan. 

Outcomes Background

Security Health Check

• Controls position

• Industry insights

• Suggested next steps

• Documented report

Security Improvement

• Risk position and prioritisation

• Activities and costs

• Comms and stakeholder mgmt

• Delivery partners and resources

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Business Outcomes ICon

Business Outcomes

• Risk reduction

• Stakeholder confidence

• Stronger security awareness

• A basis for future improvement

Why i-confidential?

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      Security Good Practices

We utilise our proprietary Control Framework, which aligns with leading industry standards (e.g. NIST, ISO, SoGP).

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      Proven Approach

We have helped many well-known organisations gain a comprehensive understanding of their security position.

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     Industry Insights

We can add real-world context to your results based on our experience working with many well-known firms at the leading edge of security.

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      Experienced Practitioners

Our security consultants have helped clients assess their capabilities and reduce risk for over 15 years.

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      Delivery Support

Our consultancy practice, specialist resources, and technical partners help clients achieve their security improvement goals.

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What's Included in Our

Security Health Check?

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