Case Studies

At i-confidential we are a trusted and proven source of leadership on information security matters.

These case studies highlight some of our achievements:


We are strong on delivery with a track record of producing real results:

  • Cyber security strategy for some of the UK’s most significant banks and insurers.
  • Security operating model in four UK financial institutions.
  • Privileged access remediation in one of UK’s biggest banks.
  • Data leakage protection service for a major UK bank.
  • Third party resilience assurance for six banks and insurance companies.
  • Access recertification service for three major financial institutions.
  • IT controls and testing at a significant financial institution.
  • Investment prioritisation for six financial institutions.
  • Interim CISO for four UK banks.
  • Security metrics and MI at multiple UK financial institutions.
  • Security training for three banks.