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Meet Your Cyber Security Challenges with a Specialist Resourcing Partner


Nicola Huskie

Chief Commercial Officer at i-confidential


Many companies know that protecting themselves from cyber attacks has never been more important. Working with an established cyber security consultancy, such as i-confidential, can make a big difference.

In addition to resolving specific security challenges, we can also become a trusted resourcing partner. A key advantage to this is that we actually understand what we’re recruiting for and can precisely tailor the person to the requirement. Sourcing a security architect from us versus a generalist agency, for example, should feel very different.

But what do we mean by ‘consultancy’ or ‘resourcing partner’, and how does this differentiate us from typical recruitment agencies? Let's talk about the skills on offer, what they can do for your company, and why they’re important.

Whether you’re looking for one person or an entire team, you want to know they’re coming from a credible, trusted source. By this, I mean a company that has the knowledge and understanding of cyber security to provide valuable insights you might not have considered.

At i-confidential, we pride ourselves on our ability to supply the high-calibre, often niche technical talent, that matches our clients’ requirements. Part of that process is to ask some pointed questions and, where applicable, offer a variety of options based on our in-house expertise.

Our business relationships are built on integrity, openness, and a realistic approach to resourcing. We have a strong client retention record, resulting from enduring, reciprocal partnerships. Likewise, the consultants we work with are often a consequence of close-knit, long-term relationships – people we have worked with successfully in the past. We are regularly asked for the return of specific individuals, which tells us we placed them correctly from the start.

Being in the cyber security business ourselves, we constantly look to expand our knowledge. We attend and sponsor events, converse regularly with our extensive professional contacts, and learn a great deal from our current consultants. We also value recommendations from trusted sources.

Crucially, all of this engagement provides access to a broad pool of talent, enabling us to consistently grow our high-quality resource network. We believe this ultimately benefits our clients with respect to the breadth of skills and experience we can offer.

We understand that cyber security experts can also take on an educational role within a business. A large number of common threats can be reduced through effective training and establishing a proactive security culture. It would be difficult for a generalist recruiter to help train your employees this way.

Why is all this so important? Effective resourcing partnerships ultimately get you the expertise you require. They can also offer somewhere to turn to for extra assistance and support with other challenges.

In short, it often takes specialists, like i-confidential, to truly understand your security needs and add real value to your business.


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