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Access Recert
Secure Access to Your Organisation's Data

Although access recertification sounds simple, it’s not easy to get it right.

And when an organisation’s user access isn’t robustly managed it becomes vulnerable to external breaches and insider threats.

That’s why access recertification is a required activity to ensure compliance with data protection legislation and regulation. It also receives a high degree of audit scrutiny.

At i-confidential, we have delivered consistent, reliable recertification outcomes for our clients over many years.

By using our proven process, tools, and people, you don’t have to tie up your own key resources to handle what can be a costly and time-consuming cyclical activity.

On top of that, there are no software costs and integration challenges, so we can get started straight away.

Read on to learn more about our approach.

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Why i-confidential?

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Easy To Get Started

  • With no software required, there are no cost or timescale issues resulting from procurement and integration.

  • Minimal prerequisites enable us to address problems immediately and help get the auditors off your back.

What Are Your Challenges?

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Does your MI highlight

the risks and illustrate progress?​

Do you follow a consistent process that stands up to audit scrutiny?​

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Do you have trouble

processing the large

volume of data involved?​

Does your current ​approach have the business support needed to succeed?

Have software tools been hard to integrate, support, and maintain?​

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Can you dedicate the resources required for regular review cycles?​

Features & Benefits
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How Do We Tackle


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