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Contractors Should Feel like Part of the Team


Samantha Whalen

Client Account Manager at i-confidential


Contracting can certainly be alluring. In a buoyant market, highly-skilled, experienced people can often pick the jobs they want, take extended periods off, and with each new assignment gain exposure to a different environment.

But do we consider the isolation contractors may feel and the effects on their wellbeing?

Not being part of a permanent team, or the lack of support within their role, can both contribute to a feeling of exclusion.

At i-confidential, we work hard to set ourselves apart from the typical recruitment agency. Elsewhere, contractors are often placed in a role and then left to get on with it, never to hear from anyone again until renewal time. Our aim is to build long-lasting relationships with contractors, who we call associates, and ensure they feel supported and happy.

It is important that new associates feel welcome when they join i-confidential. And that is why we conduct an online introduction call. It is an opportunity to learn about our business, our vision, and our culture. Calls are usually held in a small group, and we always try to bring together people going into the same client. It is a great chance to meet other new associates and start building a colleague network.

We engage regularly with associates to ensure they get the opportunity to share how things are going. It is great to learn that all is well, but we also want to know if there are any issues to address.

All active associates receive catch-up calls throughout their contract. This strengthens our relationship with them. We keep the line of communication open, so our permanent members of staff are always accessible. If associates wish to bounce around an idea, or require some advice, we welcome them to contact one of our experienced technical team for a chat. Other members of staff are also on hand to provide support wherever they can.

Inclusion is our focus. We want associates to feel part of i-confidential, and the feedback we get says we are succeeding. People feel welcomed, appreciated, and heard – terms that are not common enough in the contracting world.


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