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Security Metrics
Effective Measurement Is Crucial to Securing Your Organisation

Most aspects of life can be measured. This applies equally in security. The key is defining and collecting the right information. It must then be interpreted and shared, but this is easier said than done:

  • Organisations often don’t have metrics for all their critical security controls. This leaves them blind to security weaknesses.

  • ​Having little or no governance places the whole practice of measurement on unstable foundations and limits stakeholder buy-in.

  • Data points mean little to business audiences without a clear context. There is a difference between having the metrics and telling the story.

Measuring security is an ongoing journey, and will constantly evolve. Every organisation should do it, and with the right support, they can!

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What Measurement Enables


Knowing where you are now is a starting point for change.


Lets you identify the areas that require further development.  


Security metrics support a ‘next steps’ business case. 


Demonstrates the return on your security investment.

Stakeholder confidence in security decision-making 

”You can’t manage what you can’t measure.”  

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Why i-confidential?

      Multi-Level Dashboards

 Output views tailored for audience needs.

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      Experienced Practitioners

We have been helping our clients improve their security metrics for over 15 years.

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      Metrics Library

Tailor-made suite of industry aligned metrics. What you need to get a complete view of security control performance.

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      Metrics Capability Assessment

Provides a comprehensive assessment against our best-practice requirements.

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      Proven Approach

We have supported many well-known organisations with their metrics journey.

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Meaningful Metrics

  • An extensive metrics library based on security controls, using our best practice, and aligned to industry standards (e.g. NIST/ISO).

  • Free of technical jargon, resulting in information that is meaningful to all parties.

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What Are Your Challenges?

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Does your management information fail to highlight risks or illustrate progress?

Do you measure what you can rather than what you should?

Do business areas struggle to understand the impact of what you’re measuring?

Is it challenging to present metrics data concisely for business areas?

Does automating metrics collection require expertise you lack in house?

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How Do We Tackle

Security Metrics?

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