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Resourcing Is a Partnership with the Client


Nicola Huskie

Head of Talent Acquisition at i-confidential


We know our clients are busy – typically very busy.

A big part of our role at i-confidential is to help ‘lighten the load’ by working with clients in a way that lets us truly understand them. By knowing exactly what their security challenges are, and what they want to achieve, we can set about finding the right people to assist them.

Building open, honest relationships with our clients encourages a ‘no surprises’ culture. This sometimes means having to tell them that what they are looking for is going to be hard to find – and potentially more expensive than they thought. In return, we seek candid feedback on the individuals we put forward for roles so we can ‘fine tune’ a search to get the right match going forward.

Our clients regularly highlight three areas they say differentiates us from other suppliers:

1. Quality – over many years, we have built a strong network of dedicated people who are specialists across cyber security. Many have worked with us on multiple engagements, not only delivering for clients, but helping to shape the right approach to address their needs.

2. Persistence – finding the right solution for a client is very different to placing a ‘bum on a seat.’ Sometimes, there no immediate answer, or further shaping of the requirement is needed. Whatever the challenges, we pride ourselves on staying focused and pressing on as efficiently as we can until our clients’ needs are met.

3. Value – we never lose sight of how important it is to provide great people at competitive prices. As a relatively small organisation, we have been able to structure ourselves to minimise overheads and pass on those savings. In addition, our security consultancy roots allow us to offer expert advice and support to clients that they consistently tell us they appreciate.

We have some of the best people in the industry working with us, and a successful track record that we are proud of, but at the heart of this is our partnership with the clients we serve. Without strong, open, and constructive relationships, our job would not only be harder, but less effective and, in the end, far less rewarding.


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