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i-confidential employees - Ian Harragan, Alice Burgoyne, Louise Beattie, Brian Boyd
i-confidential employees - Matt Smith, Lindsey Ramsay, Chris Harragan, Samantha Whalen

About Us

i-confidential was founded in 2008 by Colin Fraser and Ian Harragan. They saw an opportunity to use their expertise to create a new cyber security and risk consultancy that would provide trusted advice and support to industry.

Joined soon after by Simon Lawrence, the company quickly built a sound reputation that placed it at the heart of cyber transformation.

​i-confidential now employs over 20 permanent staff and 150+ associates who serve a growing list of clients, including some of the UK’s best-known firms.

​While based in Edinburgh, our work has extended throughout Europe, India, the US, and Asia.

​Our strength has always been our people, and with the goal of setting us up for long-term success, we became employee owned in 2018.

​Our focus remains on developing strong relationships with clients to help them deliver effective security through both our consulting and talent acquisition services. 


Employee Owned

A key driver for i-confidential becoming employee owned was to help secure its future. It also recognises the fact that our people are our business.


Employees, via an Ownership Trust, now represent a 55% shareholding in i-confidential. Day-to-day management has moved away from the founders and is now in the hands of a senior management team led by our Chief Operating Officer, Louise Beattie.

As an employee-owned business everyone has a voice. Governance and communication is transparent, with decisions on how we shape our strategy discussed company wide. Our two employee-elected trustees, Kathryn Walker and Nicola Huskie, sit on the Trust Board to help ensure this.

Being an employee and an owner is a big responsibility, but it means we all have a stake in i-confidential and can shape a clear vision for our long-term future.

i-confidential's EOT Board Members - Kathryn Walker, Ian Harragan, Nicola Huskie

Our current Employee Ownership Trust Board members

Employee Owned
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Vision, Mission, Values

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Our Vision

By empowering our people to deliver great client outcomes, we want to be recognised as a leading provider of cyber security and risk services. 

Our Mission

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Helping cyber and risk leaders protect their organisations.


Investing in our people to ensure they always deliver great results.


Developing strong, lasting relationships as the foundation for our success.

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Our Values

We treat people with integrity and respect.

We give everyone a voice and a responsibility to use it. 

We focus on building trust with people.


We encourage a healthy work-life balance. 


We are not perfect, but we strive for excellence.


Meet Our Team

Ian Harragan-Headshots-144.jpg

Ian Harragan



Ian’s role is focused upon growing the capability of the Senior Management team to ensure the business can look forward to being well led into the future.

Ian, when not working, enjoys walking in the hills around Peebles, reading a wide range of books and listening to music (mainly from many years ago!!). His aim going forward is to improve his cooking skills.


Simon Lawrence-Headshots-164.jpg

Simon Lawrence



Simon is our principal consultant and splits his time between client engagements, developing our consultancy offerings, and guiding the management team on all things techy. 

Early in his career Simon used to write compilers for Fortran and C on Unix, and if he ever retires his dream is to work on parsers and code generators once again.


Colin Fraser-Headshots-3.jpg

Colin Fraser



Colin’s role has included acting as interim CISO and technology leader for some of the UK’s largest financial institutions. He now acts as a consultant supporting our clients, as well as individually advising and mentoring a number of cyber and technology executives.


Colin is also committed to the development of hockey, both locally and at a national level.

Louise Beattie-Headshots-127.jpg

Louise Beattie

Chief Operating Officer


Louise joined i-confidential as it was just starting its journey in 2010. Now, as our Chief Operating Officer, she leads the senior management team, ensuring the company delivers on its business strategy, operates effectively, and adheres to its values.


Louise enjoys running anywhere outside and spending time with her family.

Our Team

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Our Location

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