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Security Improvement Journey

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Armed with your Security Health Check results, we can help you switch your focus to security improvements.


We can assist with specific aspects of activity planning, through to shaping a detailed security improvement plan. We also have a wide network of partners and security resources available to help with implementation activities and management.

Whether you intend to proceed on your own, or require some further support, it is important that you are able to define your plans for improvement and have the right approach in place, including resources, to deliver them.

Built on our long experience in this area, there are several ways we can help you achieve your goals:

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Risks - turn health check results into specific risk statements that can be understood organisation wide.

Security Improvement Plan (SIP)

  • Prioritisation – plan next steps in line with your organisation’s risk appetite.

  • Activities – define the specific tasks required to deliver improvements.

  • Costs – estimate a budget for improvement actions, dependent on organisational information.

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Consultancy – bespoke support, including:

  • Stakeholder Management – secure buy-in from C-Suite and senior stakeholders. 

  • Technical Advisor – guidance, oversight, troubleshooting.

Technical Partners – work with other security firms we trust to provide capability and support as required.

Security Resources – access our industry-leading network of security practitioners to address any gaps.

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Your security improvement journey starts with your risk appetite – your willingness and capacity to tolerate risk in pursuit of wider business goals.

Shaping Your Security Improvement Journey

To make informed decisions you need to understand the risk vs. investment trade-off.


Our Risk Reduction Equaliser can provide the leadership and C-Suite of your organisation with the ability to do this for cyber security in an informed way.


For any security domains reviewed:


  • We show the risk score aligned to your organisation’s risk matrix.


  • We show the spend required to get each domain to your desired target risk position. These can then be totalled to provide an overall cost.


The trade-off appears when an organisation that wants to set ambitious targets is unwilling to invest enough to achieve them. It must either accept a lesser risk position or spend more.


By considering security holistically rather than focusing on spot domains, the Risk Reduction Equaliser supports informed debate and decision-making. 

Risk Reduction Equaliser

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How Do We Help Implement

Security Improvements?

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