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It's Time for a
Security Health Check

Designed to help you assess, compare, and ultimately improve your security.

By reviewing performance across a range of environments, our Security Health Check will enable you to fully understand your current security position and identify improvement areas.

You can also compare your security strengths and weaknesses against peers and clients in your industry sector.

Working with one of our experienced security consultants, you will be armed with the right information to make decisions that help you achieve your strategic goals.

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Did You Know?

We also offer a specific SaaS assessment option, in partnership with Obsidian Security.

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Security Questionnaire

  • Comprehensive question set targeting security controls.

  • Utilises our proprietary Control Framework, aligned to industry standards (e.g. NIST, ISO).

  • Includes the capability to capture specific, detailed evidence.

  • Measure the whole organisation, or choose bespoke areas. 

Senior Consultant Led

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  • We put people at the heart of our Security Health Check.

  • We want to build relationships with clients and truly understand their security goals.

  • To ensure the best possible outcome, we guarantee our health checks will be led by:

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Qualified security practitioners.

Highly experienced individuals who have worked in key operational roles.

People who are committed to adding value throughout the process. 

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  • The completed questionnaire will be reviewed and scored.

  • The consultant will document the results in a report. Key elements are: 

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Control strengths and deficiencies.

Industry insights.

Suggested next steps.

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Security Consultation

  • The consultant will hold a meeting with you to:

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Review key results and themes.

Address any questions or concerns.

Discuss how we can help you going forward.

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Your Health Check Is Complete

Need Help with Next Steps?

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