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Long-Term Benefits of Access Recert

Remove Old Access

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Builds on the first recert cycle, which primarily eliminates old, redundant access. More can be done!

Recertification tends to begin after a lengthy period of having not looked at access for a long time. This makes the first recert cycle particularly important for eliminating the old, redundant access that has built up over time.

And over the next few years, as you add more of your applications to the recertification process, you’ll continue to go through this clean-up exercise. However, eventually, you’ll reach the stage where recertification is acting as intended – a check on current access, rather than a removal of old access.

Increase the Coverage

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Allows the extensive time required to onboard an organisation’s entire application estate.

It’s easier to begin with a small subset of applications – usually those presenting the highest risk to the organisation.

Recertifying a smaller group to begin with gives you the time to get the process right.

Once that is done, it’s simply a case of feeding in more applications. And over time, you can onboard the organisation’s entire application estate.

Having the right process in place makes the addition of more applications simple.


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Recertification cycles repeated over time will compound the amount of risk reduced.

With an effective recertification process in place, risk will continuously be reduced.

At first, there will be lots of redundant access to remove that has built up over time. But as you continue to recertify access, you will focus in on a smaller number of accounts with inappropriate access. Pre-existing risk is removed, and you can concentrate on what is currently a risk.

Performing the activity on a consistent basis ensures the hard work previously done isn’t lost. If the process stops, you lose the compounding effects. Inappropriate access builds up and your risk increases, taking you back to where you began.

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Ready for Auditors

Ensures organisations are ready when auditors inevitably return to what they see as ‘easy pickings’.

Our experience providing recertification to companies shows us that it is an easy target for audit. This is because the simplicity (not to be confused with being easy to perform) of the process should make it easy to evidence. Even if you’ve just been audited, don’t be surprised to see them come back sooner than you think.

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