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Access Recert
Capability Model

Recertifying access is foundational to managing risk.


Though it may seem like a simple process to implement, many organisations get it wrong.


At i-confidential, we have developed an Access Recert Capability Model that focuses on all aspects of recertification. This has helped our industry-leading clients achieve their goals.


Its four core components can be used to help organisations at any stage of their recertification journey.


Below, we’ll provide a few insights into their importance and how they can help you.

i-confidential Access Recert  Capability Model
i-confidential Access Recert  Capability Model - Foundations


Without these essential building blocks, the recertification process stalls before it even starts:


Available Resource – access recertification is a potentially costly and time-consuming, periodic activity that can pull key people away from their normal roles. This makes it difficult to assign to staff as a BAU activity.


Business Buy-In – this is fundamental to recertification’s success. The process requires application owners to provide the required data, and managers to be on board for reviewing access.

Some organisations opt for a software-based solution. We strongly believe this approach has some serious limitations. Make any strategic decisions carefully before committing.

Doing all of this is challenging, but we have helped a number of industry-leading clients deliver efficient, cost-effective access recertification.

However you choose to implement a solution, our capability model provides some effective guidance to follow as you consider putting a process in place.

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How To Implement An

Effective Process

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