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Your Metrics Story  
Making It Re

Our approach ensures each stakeholder group has a transparent view of its security position, with total clarity on the areas where action is required.


We transform the mass of opaque, confusing, and ‘grey’ metrics data into compelling, actionable views tailored for everyone involved in an organisation’s security.

i-confidential security metrics prism
  1. Set Priorities

  2. Agree Tolerances

  3. Roll Up Data

Security Data


Summary trends & ROI


RAGs, threats, investment areas


Route-to-green compliance 

Control Owners

Risk views for their controls


Geographical & business split views 

Remediation Owners

Where to action remediation effort

The Security Metrics Data Prism

Example Views: Telling Your Story

The Board View

Is the organisation secure?

Provide insights on:

  • Security risk areas that need improvement.

  • Whether these areas have improved or weakened.

  • The ‘route to green’ action being taken.

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New Board View of Security Metrics

Delivering Technology-Agnostic Output

Tableau Company Logo

i-confidential supported a client to develop their security dashboarding and monthly reporting process within their existing Tableau functionality.

The client benefitted from greater insights which the presentation software could offer. 

By using out-of-the-box capability from a client’s pre-existing ServiceNow technology, i-confidential supported a fundamental shift in the way service management operated and reduced risk. 

For this client, there was no additional cost as the module used is available as part of the core ServiceNow subscription. 

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qlik-sense Company Logo

i-confidential worked with an insurance client to develop a cyber data lake with Qliksense supporting the presentation output. Qliksense offers agile views and drill-down functionality.

This client benefitted from being able to offer the business a self-serve capability and allow risk owners and teams tasked with remediation the ability to drill deep into their data. 

Power BI benefits from easy integrations with most Microsoft SaaS applications.


An i-confidential client benefitted from the Microsoft functionality, which allows workflows to be created and reduces process times from identification to remediation.

software agnostic
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How To Implement A Successful

Metrics Process

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