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Organisations work hard to provide cyber security, but SaaS applications are often overlooked. Bad actors are increasingly targeting this gap to access sensitive data.

If you cannot see the potential risks from connecting to platforms like Google Workspace, Microsoft 365, ServiceNow, and Salesforce, you have a significant security blind spot.

Security assessments help you understand your current strengths and vulnerabilities, target key risks, and deliver any necessary improvements.

In partnership with Obsidian, i-confidential’s industry-leading security assessment capabilities now include SaaS.

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With our SaaS Security Assessment, currently on offer at no cost for a limited time, you will receive the following:

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Client Check-In – by discussing your SaaS questions, concerns, and objectives up front we can maximise the value you will gain from the process. 

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Assessment Scan – with no deployment, and no installs, Obsidian’s tool will quickly build a comprehensive picture of your organisation’s SaaS environment. 

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Findings Report – the data we gather about your SaaS configurations, users, privileges, and activity will be carefully detailed in a report that you can reference and share.

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Security Consultation – we will translate our findings into actionable security insights and discuss potential next steps to better protect and manage your SaaS environment.

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