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Creating an Effective Delivery Team

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“Working together with the client, we formed the outline of the people requirements that would help them address the problem.”

In discussion with one of our clients, a global bank, they advised us they were wrestling with the problem of reviewing and remediating a significant number of third-party network connections.

This work was urgently required. The third parties were no longer trusted due to the increasing threat of cyber attacks. They needed a team to hit the ground running, enabling the assessments and follow-up actions to be rapidly identified. 


A typical resourcing supplier would provide a selection of CVs based on some simple search parameters. This would leave the client doing a large amount of sifting to look for a group of people they could then mobilise into an effective delivery team. All of this takes considerable time and effort.

Our talent acquisition and technical delivery teams were able to assess the size and complexity of the task. Working together with the client, we formed the outline of the people requirements that would help them address the problem.

Armed with the relevant specification, we set about identifying the right candidates. This task was aided by our ability to access the strong talent network we have developed. 

The scale of the challenge was significant, both in terms of the numbers of connections to review and the large number of stakeholders who would need be involved in remediation. 

As a result, we formed a group of 12 associates from our network. This included a seasoned risk programme manager who would lead the team and interact with the client’s executives. Additionally, the team comprised specialised resources, from SMEs to project managers, who were responsible for conducting reviews and managing oversight of the resulting remediation programme. 


When forming a team, it is crucial to ensure associates possess not only the necessary technical skills, but also align with our cultural values. Upholding our reputation is of the utmost importance.

The Approach

The Problem

Our talent acquisition team dedicates time to understanding the challenges our clients face in order to provide the best resources to address their needs. We believe resourcing is a partnership with the client


There is, however, much more we can do to help beyond finding great individual people. 

The Outcome

In less than a year our team reviewed over 1000 connections and created a remediation governance programme to drive completion actions or raise appropriate risk acceptances. This programme consisted of over 300 remediation tasks, of which about 50% were closed during our initial engagement.

By working closely with the client at the outset we were able to build and deploy a strong, experienced team that rapidly reduced their third-party network connection risk. The client benefitted greatly from this outcome as they lacked the necessary expertise within their internal team.

Prior to working with us, the client attempted to engage with a 'big 4' consultancy firm but failed to make significant progress. Our team, with greater expertise, and our ability to provide competitive pricing, was 50% less expensive – a favourable result.

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