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It's Good to Talk


Colin Fraser

Director at i-confidential


At i-confidential, we have enjoyed strong, enduring relationships with clients that have been the foundation for successful outcomes and recurring engagements. Much of what we achieve as a business is based on trust. Our clients have trust in us and our ability to respond to their needs.

Having said that, during a recent internal review we recognised that in some instances we could be doing more to maintain the vibrancy of our relationships. For example, many people are currently missing informal ‘coffee break chats’, or chance encounters in the corridor, and are not always replacing them with the Teams or Zoom equivalent – ourselves included.

Although we overlook it at times, we all know instinctively that effective communication in business is essential. This applies internally to your colleagues as much as externally to customers. It is also applicable to your suppliers.

One of our core values is that we, ‘focus on building trust with the people we work with’. Of course, to do this we need to maintain a regular dialogue with people and build an effective relationship where trust can grow.

Aligned to this is a valuable, if sometimes uncomfortable habit clients tell us we have – giving them the bad news that others have avoided. This could be about their organisation, a specific piece of work, or perhaps something we have done ourselves (only on occasion fortunately!). The key point is that trust is based on being open and honest, and that can only happen through regular, thoughtful communication.

Being there to talk to and bounce ideas off of has always been a strength of ours. As we have expanded our business, however, it has sometimes been hard to continue providing enough time for this. In response, we have made some changes that create more capacity to have these conversations and be there for people when they need us.

We are going to place even more focus on developing and nurturing our relationships. We want to be recognised as an organisation that is there for you through thick and thin, even when there may be no obvious business opportunity. In our experience, business is usually the result of positive relationships, not the starting point. And often in our industry – cyber and information security – providing help and support if you can is just the right thing to do.

Today, more than ever, the old adage applies – it’s good to talk. Don’t hesitate to make us your next port of call for a ‘virtual coffee’ to discuss whatever is on your mind!

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