Security Transformation

i-confidential help clients to assess their security weaknesses and identify risk-prioritised investments to address these issues. i-confidential's i-Deliver framework is the vehicle that enables us to be responsive and deliver rapid and effective security transformation outcomes for our customers. Our i-Deliver control framework incorporates industry standards and regulatory requirements.

i-Deliver supports a control assessment and a set of components that form the basis of a security investment programme. Our 'project lite' method allows us to mobilise projects quickly and deliver outcomes, or enable our customers to quickly deliver those outcomes themselves.


Using i-Deliver we work with our clients through these stages:


Our i-Deliver framework enables our teams to:

  • Determine the security priorities for our clients based on industry standards, taking into account the latest security threats.

  • Accelerate security transformation programme mobilisation, definition, and risk-reduction delivery.


We have the skills and experience required to deliver complex security transformations for our clients, and have been involved in defining and delivering key components of some of the largest security transformations in Financial Services. We have an exceptional delivery record and are regularly retained by our existing clients and offer ongoing advice. See our i-Decide case study for a real example of where we have delivered this value to our clients.