i-confidential is proud of its people and the service they provide.  We provide highly skilled professionals to augment existing teams or lead projects.

Our resourcing service includes:

  • Access to a pool of talented Cyber Security, Information Risk and IT Risk professionals, Project managers and Analysts.

  • Consultants who have on average 15 to 20 years of security experience.

  • Security consultants with deep knowledge on how to address the latest cyber challenges such as DDoS, Privileged User Access, Network Security, Vulnerability Management and Cloud.

  • Security control testers experienced in assurance activities within organisations and assessing third party suppliers.

  • IT security architects who have defined security solutions for large banks.

  • Security programme and project managers who have led complex security improvement programmes.

  • Security analysts with experience of helping organisations operate key security controls and close control gaps.

  • Short candidate lead times since we have assembled the talent pool already.

  • A reputation for high quality which means our people are often requested again by our clients.

  • A strong network of people who understand and demonstrate our company values.