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Speaking up for Employee Ownership


i-confidential has just become a Scotland for Employee Ownership (SfEO) Advocate, allowing us to support a concept we feel passionate about as a company.

Having taken the decision to become employee owned two years ago, we can emphatically say we’ve never looked back!

With our employee trust owning a 55% stake in the company, we set about doing more to ensure everyone had a voice. This has led to much greater transparency in our decision making and a strong sense of commitment from everyone, which is so vital to the success of smaller organisations in particular.

We recently held elections for new employee trust board members – congratulations again to Kathryn Walker and Georgina Price.

Our thanks as well to outgoing trust board members Samantha Whalen and Shareen Butt, who have helped steer i-confidential through its initial period of employee ownership.

We’re looking forward to our role as part of the SfEO Advocate Programme, with the chance to share our story and promote the benefits of employee ownership to others. It’s an exciting and highly rewarding endeavour!

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