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Shaping Your Career with i-confidential

Andy enjoying the benefits of working with i-confidential

By Andy Wilkinson, Junior Security Consultant at i-confidential


While growing up, I was fascinated overhearing the conference calls my father had for work. As a Cisco Certified Internetwork Expert (CCIE) and solutions designer, his discussions contained a multitude of what I now know to be the standard acronyms and jargon used in network engineering.

From that point on, I become more and more interested in cyber security and IT in general. Over the last decade, technology has advanced exponentially, and the number of changes I have seen in my life so far is astounding. In cyber security and network engineering, those changes occur almost by the day, and I think this is why I have always been intrigued by them.

As I reached the end of college, and the stage of choosing universities, I decided to apply instead for an apprenticeship with a large telecommunications company, and I was successful.

So far in my career as a network security engineer, I have gained experience of a vast range of technologies, as well as a number of design and solution architectures.

I have also moved around within network support, looking after devices for both network security and application networking. This allows me to see the ‘big picture’ of hosting solutions, and understand the end-to-end process, from customer to provider.

After working at a particular company for a number of years I decided to move on and obtained a role with i-confidential.

From the very start I found i-confidential to be a refreshing and stimulating environment. Due to being a small company, there are opportunities to gain experience in a variety of business areas. I can give things a try which I would never have been able to before.

I enjoy being able to provide a network engineer’s perspective. With some specialist skills and experience, I have made positive contributions to a number of products and processes. The company has the flexibility to change with the times and focus on the most current trends and threats within the infosec landscape, which is exciting.

I may have been at i-confidential for less than a year, but I can say the experience has been stimulating, welcoming and fun - I would recommend it to anybody.

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