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Replay: After SolarWinds...

If you missed out on Cyber Scotland Week, don't worry.

Quorum Cyber joined i-confidential to discuss the SolarWinds attack and what we should be doing to prepare for next time. A recording of the entire webinar is available to view below.

Federico Charosky gave a front-line view of the rise of sophisticated cyber-attacks, and talked about the value of actionable threat intelligence and having a proactive defence.

Simon Lawrence covered how to identify and prioritise your assets from a cyber perspective, and the importance of reliable control measurement.

Robert Hayes discussed how to explain cyber security risk to your senior executives and board, underscoring the importance of communication in responding to cyber-attacks.

There was also a great back and forth discussion after the presentations, with some excellent audience questions.


If you have any queries about the subjects covered, or would like further information, please feel free to contact us.

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