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How to Keep the Team Engaged?

By Ian Harragan, Director at i-confidential


As a small business, we have enjoyed the benefits of a relatively informal culture, with a healthy working environment, strong business engagement, and plenty of social interaction.

Like many others in the early months of lockdown, we quickly adapted to addressing our business and social needs online through Teams and Zoom.

This included regular quizzes and a variety of games, such as treasure hunts, bingo, and Pictionary, on top of other touchpoints during the week. Still, when the summer arrived, and we could get outside more often, everyone breathed a sigh of relief.

As we now approach winter, we are feeling a bit fatigued with our current repertoire!

We are looking for creative ideas that will provide some fresh momentum to see us through the coming months. We think it is important to focus specifically on people’s general well-being, but we are also keen to run team-building sessions that can work well in a virtual setting.

We recognise the importance of staying fit and maintaining a healthy lifestyle, especially during the pandemic. We are already strong believers in flexible working, and encourage the team to get outside if they can during the ever-decreasing daylight hours.

A further incentive we are looking at is introducing fitness ‘step challenges’ and, where possible, we will be meeting up with colleagues for a ‘walk and talk’.

We would love to hear about what other organisations have done to help maintain the morale and overall mental health of their employees during this particularly challenging time.

Please feel free to share your plans and ideas, and we will provide future updates on what we have tried that works well for us.

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