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Graduate Recruitment – Think Big, Go Small!

Security Analyst Garry enjoying the view and spring sunshine from our Edinburgh office

By Nicola Crawford, Resource Manager at i-confidential


Garry Muir joined i-confidential as a security analyst in September 2018, straight from Napier University, with a degree in Cyber Security and Forensics. We wanted Garry’s cutting-edge skills, enthusiasm, and fresh perspective. Garry wanted to make a solid start to his working life, but events did not unfold quite as he expected:

"When I joined i-confidential, just after graduating, I didn't realise how many opportunities would open up for me almost immediately.

Within a month, I was working on delivering projects to clients, while developing other parts of the business using my own skills and knowledge. Since then, I have gained first-hand experience across product development, data analysis, and security operations. I never would have believed that was possible so soon in my career.

Throughout university, I looked into cyber security graduate schemes as the next step. What I learned after doing some research, and reaching out to several companies, is that there are so many more options to choose from. Many smaller organisations are not on the radar of universities or their students, so they often go unnoticed when graduation time rolls around.

i-confidential is one such company. It has so much to offer graduates looking to begin their career in information security. They continue to strongly support the development of my professional skills, while challenging me to deliver to the highest standards for colleagues and clients. The environment is professional, but fun, and I’m never bored!"

i-confidential is passionate about the benefits of hiring new graduates like Garry and working together to grow careers and business success. It’s a formula that works for us, but we’re always looking for new insights.

If you’ve been in Garry’s position, what was your perspective on reaching out to a “smaller” organisation? Was it something you considered? If so, how did it go? If not, why not?

We’re interested in your perspective. Let us know what you think!

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