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2021 – Our Year in Review

By Chris Harragan, Security Analyst at i-confidential


In 2021, we continued to share more of our expertise and points of view – both on our website and on LinkedIn.

If you haven’t had a chance to read some of our articles from last year, what follows is a summary, with links if you want to explore further.

Access Recert

If you’re not sold on why you need to recertify your access, then we have the answer. We take a look at the 3 main reasons that trigger companies to take action:

3 Reasons Why You Need to Recertify Access

As part of our Access Recert service, we know that data quality is a key factor in how successful your recertification will be. Here, we explain why:

3 Reasons Why Data Quality Determines the Success of Your Access Recertification

Many organisations lack a consistent recertification process. But when access isn’t checked on a regular basis, people accumulate more and more of it unnecessarily. Left unchecked, access creep becomes an issue:

Why Failure to Recertify Leaves You With The Huge Risk of Access Creep

Third Party

Third-party hosted websites are a security challenge. Recertification can help address that:

Is Your Third-Party Hosted Website Creating a Data Leakage Risk?

You shouldn’t be addressing your fourth and fifth-party risk before controlling third-party risk first. Here, we argue the case for that prioritisation:

‘Third Party’ or ‘Supply Chain’ – in Risk Terms, Does It Matter What We Call It?

Security Metrics

One of our core offerings helps organisations develop and improve their security metrics. In this article, we outline the key components of our approach:

Our Metrics Capability Model

Security Resources

We try to ‘lighten the load’ for our clients by comprehensively understanding their needs. A few of the things they say differentiate us from other suppliers is quality, persistence, and value. Here we explore these in more detail:

Resourcing Is a Partnership with the Client

Over the last 13 years, we’ve worked with a large number of contractors. And many of them continue to stay with us for a long time. Here, we look at how we develop these partnerships:

Why Do Contractors Choose to Work with i-confidential?

In this article, we explain what separates us from a general recruitment agency. We’ve got the industry knowledge to make sure you get the right people:

Meet Your Cyber Security Challenges with a Specialist Resourcing Partner (Like Us!)

Other Topics

In the interests of work/life balance, it’s time to consider how we communicate with people out of hours:

Delay That Early Morning Email!

The role of a CISO is ever-expanding. In this article, we explore the risk organisations face from fake news:

Fake News – Spoiler Alert: This Article Does Not Have All the Answers!

And it’s always important to stay on top of what’s happening with new technology:

AI, Automation, and the Future of Cyber Security

Companies transitioning to the cloud may have safety concerns about storing sensitive data there. We explore the risks involved and why it might be more secure than you think:

Are You Using Cloud Safely?

In this article, we take a look at how you can best protect your organisation from phishing emails:

Are You Guilty Of Deleting Phishing Emails?

And that completes our brief tour of 2021.

Just in case it wasn’t enough, you can also check out all the articles we published in 2020:

2020 - Our Year in Review

Is there anything you would like us to explore in the coming months? Please let us know.

We wish everyone a happy and healthy 2022!

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