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Permanent Recruitment

Employees can work in any of our business domains, either in a client or non-client facing role. They understand our offerings, can support product development, manage client relationships, direct teams of people on projects, help deliver operational processes, and above all strive to improve i-confidential as a business.

Below are the roles for which we typically engage permanent employees.


  • Provide information security advice and guidance to our clients, often via one of i-confidential's offerings.

  • Focus on delivering i-confidential products and consultancy, and supporting product development.

Project Management

  • Responsible for project deliverables, maintaining overall project plans, can proactively identify threats to project delivery and client-wide risks.

  • Will engage key stakeholders to identify and agree the key project objectives. 


  • Support the delivery of i-confidential projects and services to clients.

  • These roles focus on process design or operation, data analysis and reporting design, data collection, and manipulation.


  • Are you looking to start your career in cyber security? Speak to us about our graduate opportunities.

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