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Take Charge of Your SaaS Security 

From productivity suites and communication tools, to HR systems and identity providers, organisations entrust more data than ever before to their SaaS applications. 

Unfortunately, this pervasive and rapid proliferation also raises the risk of security compromise.

To target risks and deliver improvements you have to understand your current security position. That is why an assessment is invaluable.

​In partnership with Obsidian, i-confidential’s industry-leading security assessment capabilities now cover the world of SaaS.

The wealth of information offered by Obsidian’s unique toolset enables us to help organisations truly understand their security risk exposure from SaaS applications and decide on the right improvement actions. 

Read on to learn more about our exciting approach and how you can sign up for a limited time, no-cost SaaS Security Assessment. 

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Obsidian - Protecting the Applications That People Rely on Most

Obsidian enables a contextual understanding of the complex, interconnected world of SaaS applications, so you can make them safer and more secure. Its platform addresses three main challenges:



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Posture Management – harden your configurations with best practices and insight into how they will impact users. Identify where to reduce privileges based on individual and peer metrics.

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Integration Management – help your organisation navigate the increasing complexity of SaaS integrations, and discover inactive applications and risky integration privileges.

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Threat Management – detect and mitigate account compromise before your data can be exfiltrated. Empower security teams to investigate threats within and across SaaS applications. 

For further information, take a look at the ‘Three Pillars of SaaS Security’ (Video)




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We will translate our findings into actionable security insights...

i-confidential - Building Trust, Reducing Risk

Since 2008, i-confidential has been helping industry-leading clients deliver better security. Our consultants are qualified security practitioners with extensive experience.

Our range of assessments help organisations understand their security position, and now, in partnership with Obsidian, we can also include SaaS.

Our SaaS Security Assessment includes the following:

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Client Check-In – by discussing your SaaS questions, concerns, and objectives up front we can maximise the value you will gain from the process. 

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Assessment Scan – with no deployment, and no installs, Obsidian’s tool will quickly build a comprehensive picture of your organisation’s SaaS environment. 

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Findings Report – the data we gather about your SaaS configurations, users, privileges, and activity will be carefully detailed in a report that you can reference and share.

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Security Consultation – we will translate our findings into actionable security insights and discuss potential next steps to better protect and manage your SaaS environment.

We are currently offering this assessment at no cost for a limited time.

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Take Charge of Your

SaaS Security 

​Or use our contact details below to find out more about how we can help your organisation.

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