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How to respond to a cyber security breach
12 April 2019

The government’s National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) estimates the average direct cost of a breach to a small firm to be £1,400, but the longer-term cost of the reputational harm caused could far

How can the cyber security industry sustain growth and attract talent?
08 April 2019

A report published by the goverment last year revealed that there are over 30,000 – and as many as 40,000 – staff employed in the UK’s cyber security sector, with over 800 firms providing cyber sec

UK Goverment to invest £100m in cybersecurity research
29 March 2019

The government aims to use the investment to build on the UK’s share of the global cybersecurity market, which is predicted to grow by £39bn over the next 10 years.

UK businesses lack cyber awareness
22 March 2019

The UK is home to world leading businesses but the threat of cyber attacks is never far away.  Click here to

Brexit impact on cybersecurity to be “considerable and immediate”
15 March 2019

With or without agreements in force between the EU and UK, the life of cyber defenders is bound to become more difficult after Brexit.  Click

2019 will be the year of cloud-based cybersecurity analytics/operations
28 January 2019

Supply and demand changes will move SIEM from on premises to the cloud.

Largest collection ever of breached data found
22 January 2019

The largest collection of breached data in history has been discovered, comprising more than 770m email addresses and passwords posted to a popular hacking forum in mid-December.

Top 10 IT security stories of 2018
16 January 2019

IT security news was dominated by the growing number of enterprise cyber threats and the challenges facing IT security teams.

Top 10 cyber threats that your business needs to know
26 November 2018

To mitigate the risk of these top security threats, organisations need to ensure that they implement best practice security.

Cloudflare’s DNS Service Now Available For Android & iOS that gives Faster and Private Browsing
12 November 2018

By using DNS over HTTPS (DoH) you can transparently offer enhanced security to your customers while improving the speed of your devices. Click here to read more. 

HSBC bank confirms US data breach.
08 November 2018

There's a lot more information we've yet to see, which I hope HSBC makes public when it has it. Click here to read more.

See our article in the Scotsman. i-confidential moves to an employee ownership trust.
27 September 2018

i-confidential is now under employee ownership. Click here to read more.

Brewery became victim of targeted ransomware attack via job vacancy ad
24 September 2018

A targeted ransomware attack involved hackers taking a job vacancy posted on a company's website and posting it on international recruitment sites; one of the resumes included a Dharma Bip ransomwa

HMRC Phishing Scams Continue to Dupe Taxpayers
19 September 2018

Although the tax season has long since passed, people are still at risk from email phishing scams, a MalwareBytes report claims.

Law enforcement agencies step up cybercrime fight
19 September 2018

It's never been easier to commit digital crime - but co-operation is key to catching crooks.

Dixons Carphone 'fesses to mega-breach: Probes 'attempt to compromise' 5.9m payment cards
14 June 2018

Others compared the Dixons Carphone breach to the compromise of US retailer Target in arguing lessons have not been learned.

European regulators: We're not ready for new privacy law
16 May 2018

17 of 24 European regulators who responded to a survey said they don't have the resources to do GDPR enforcement.

NSW Digital Driver Licence inches closer with legislation soon entering Parliament
14 May 2018

Bills to amend NSW licence legislation will be entering Parliament this month to allow citizens to carry their driver's licence on their smartphone.

UK 'meltdown' bank TSB's owner: Our IT migration was a 'success'
25 April 2018

Spanish daddy Sabadell talks up 'international integrations'.

We’re all in this together
13 April 2018

The eternal struggle: Security versus users.