Cost-Effective Managed Services

Our managed services are cost effective and repeatable, delivered by dedicated, experienced teams. Operating this type of service in-house can often be expensive for an organisation. 

Fluctuating volumes or the cyclical nature of the work can make it inefficient. i-confidential saves our clients time and money by managing these services, allowing client resources to focus on other priorities. i-confidential will always provide a service manager to coordinate all review activity.  We conduct regular client review sessions to update on progress and provide a point of escalation. Our managed services produce operational information relating to scheduling, activity status, and a summary of risk-related data.  

We can offer a range of security managed services tailored to each client. Here are some examples of managed services we have developed and operate across multiple clients:


Supplier Assurance Reviews

We have a track record in helping organisations review their suppliers and understand their information security risk. Our success is based on our ability to deploy effective end-to-end supplier assurance processes. We use our i-Deliver framework to review suppliers.  

We adapt our approach based on our client’s risk appetite.  We can help our clients categorise their suppliers based on information risk. We will define and agree a treatment strategy for each supplier risk category.


The length and depth can be adapted to a client’s risk appetite. This includes review frequency, type of review, and level of evidence. We collect information from suppliers using our supplier assurance tool. 

Access Recertification

Our recertification service validates that users have the appropriate permissions to access the organisation’s data. Our recertification tool is designed to be quickly deployed and delivers a tailored, repeatable process. It aggregates and centralises data into a clear business format that makes it easy for line managers to conduct their recertification duties.

The recertification tool generates transparent and easy-to-digest management information.  Following the conclusion of each recertification cycle, i-confidential will produce a revocations list to allow the organisation to remove any access deemed inappropriate.