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ISF Membership - Helping Us Deliver

Since 2008, i-confidential has been helping industry-leading clients improve their security through a combination of consultancy, knowledge-based offerings, and specialist resourcing. All of our consultants are qualified security practitioners with extensive experience.

And now, with a focus on further developing our security capabilities to deliver even better outcomes for our clients, we are pleased to announce our membership of the Information Security Forum (ISF).

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"This approach enables the ISF to harness the collective insights and knowledge of its members to deliver leading-edge solutions..."

About the 


Founded in 1989, the ISF is an independent, not-for-profit organisation with a membership comprising many of the world’s leading organisations.

It is dedicated to investigating, clarifying, and resolving key issues in information security and risk management, by developing best practice methodologies, processes, and solutions that meet the business needs of its members.

The ISF provides members with a trusted and confidential environment within which their in-depth knowledge and practical experience can be shared. This approach enables the ISF to harness the collective insights and knowledge of its members to deliver leading-edge solutions that are:

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Exciting Times Ahead

At i-confidential, we look forward to getting to know the ISF community and contributing to its mission.

The ISF’s broad toolset, including the internationally recognised Standard of Good Practice for Information Security (SOGP), will further enhance and support our existing security framework, which is underpinned by industry standards like NIST and ISO.

Our team has already spent time with some of the ISF’s impressive group of security experts. We look forward to working with them in the months ahead to share our thinking on a variety of topics and take advantage of their broad reach to stay at the forefront of security management and improvement.

We see a range of areas, from cyber security and information risk management, to security culture, education, and governance, where the ISF’s collective capabilties and technical resources are invaluable.


Alongside our existing knowledge and experience, working with the ISF places us in an even stronger position to offer clients, both ISF members and non-members, the best-practice solutions and guidance they need to achieve their security goals.

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