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Colin Fraser

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Colin exploits 25 years of experience in the information security and technology industries to assist companies to drive their security and technology improvement initiatives.

Recently, Colin has been asked by a number of major UK banking groups to drive programmes to improve security and policy compliance. For a number of years, Colin was responsible for ensuring the RBS group operated globally in line with best information security practice. Colin has also participated in many industry initiatives to improve information security. This experience is now proving invaluable to other organisations.

Colin has acted in interim business and technology leadership roles, driving both information and IT security. As the responsible line manager in different household name organisations, Colin has proven his ability to make security work, rather than merely deliver consultants’ theory.

Colin is currently supporting clients across a number of industries to ensure that they adopt a balanced and pragmatic approach to implementing information security. Colin ensures that clients adopt appropriate security measures in a way that still allows the business to function, and security becomes an asset and enabler for their customers and staff.

Colin states:

"My line management responsibilities in various UK banks have given me an intimate understanding of the challenges in maintaining customers’ trust by protecting data. All of our clients want to make things happen; to put theory into practice. That is proving to be one of i-confidential’s major differentiators."

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