About i-confidential

We are an information security consultancy founded in 2008.

By combining industry best practice with pragmatic judgment, we deliver clear methods of protecting information.

Our wide experience of driving key components of the risk agenda in the financial services industry began in one of the world’s largest banks. Our knowledge and expertise has since been significantly enhanced through a wide range of engagements and assignments across financial services and other industries.

Industry Best Practice and Information Security

By combining our experience with industry best practice, we have developed our i-Deliver toolset, which is an effective approach to quickly deliver successful management of information security. We believe that by using the relevant components of our i-Deliver toolset, we can ensure an organisation focuses on those areas of greatest concern and prioritises security spend, balancing investment and risk considerations.

Office Address

106 Biggar Road, Edinburgh EH10 7DU

Registered Office

1a Torphichen Street, Edinburgh EH3 8HX

Company Information

Registered in Scotland: SC384647
VAT registration number: 944859276